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Using Technology to Improve Global Wellbeing

About Us

The Joe and Emmy Liu Family Foundation was founded by Silicon Valley semiconductor veteran Joe Liu and his wife Emmy in 2019. As a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation, the Family Foundation’s mission is using technology to benefit global wellbeing.

The first charitable project is a chronic disease prevention LiuLife App with holistic self-directed checkups and proactive coaching tips aiming to contain the nation’s chronic diseases, chronic care costs, and extend longevity.

Our Vision

Liu Foundation, recognizing the negative impacts from the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, chronic care cost, and shortened longevity, caused by high risk behavior, has developed an educational and operant behavior-shaping app to prevent chronic disease, reduce chronic care cost and extend longevity.

LiuLife is a two-minute self-directed checkup App to condition one’s conscientiousness, prevent chronic and multiple chronic-diseases from occurring, thus, advance one’s wellness and longevity.

LiuLife App

The LiuLife App integrated a holistic self-directed checkups for proactive chronic disease prevention. It employs positive and negative reinforcement behavior-shaping techniques into a one-minute App with instant Health Score and Longevity Range estimates to motivate users’ behavior changes.

Through conscientiousness awareness education and behavior-shaping, LiuLife App aims to reduce our nation’s chronic diseases, chronic care costs, improve wellness and longevity.


The LiuLife app will be available in multiple languages, and we welcome global governmental and nonprofit organizations’ partnerships.

LiuLife Pillars


Balanced Diet

Eat vegetables & fruits

Meal Portion

Portion & calorie control


Daily physical exercise



Thankful & spiritual


Purposeful & meaningful


Positive & resilient


Socially connected to family & friends


7 hours of quality sleep


Financial planning & control

Bad Habits

No smoking or substance abuse

Regular Checkup

Regular health checkup

G&C blood tests

Glucose & Cholesterol control


Weight control

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure control