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Using Technology Innovation to Benefit Human Wellbeing

About Us

The Joe and Emmy Liu Family Foundation was founded by Silicon Valley semiconductor veteran Joe and his wife Emmy in 2019, as a 501(c)3 private operating foundation using technology innovation to benefit human wellbeing.

Our Vision

The Foundation recognizes that the rising prevalence of chronic condition(s) have negatively affected 60% of Americans and resulted to shorter lifespans. Chronic condition treatments consumed about 90% of the nation’s $4 trillion-dollar total health care cost, or about $3.6 trillion annually, in 2020. Thus, it is a threat to our next generations.

Based on a recent Harvard School of Public Health’s lifestyle choice AB test study that tracked more than 100,000 faculties over 34 years starting at the age of 50, practicing five healthy lifestyle choices of no smoking and excess of drinking, regular exercise, balanced diet, and weight control resulted to an amazing chronic disease-free life with 10+ extra years of lifespans. Prior to this finding, many believed that gene and environment were the key causes of a chronic condition(s), and longevity.

The Foundation thus devoted a philanthrope LiuLife App using technology innovation to prevent the chronic condition(s). An easy-to-use, yet holistic health App was designed to gradually change users’ lifestyle habits to lower the likelihood of getting chronic condition(s). Harvard’s five lifestyle choices were being used as the baseline score-trackers, with additional mental, spiritual, financial, and medical lifestyle choices for a holistic health App to educate, motivate, and shape ones’ lifestyle habits, as a result, lower the likelihood of getting chronic condition(s), gain quality of life, and healthy longevity.   


The LiuLife Healthy Lifestyle App will be available in foreign languages, and we are looking for global charitable partnership.

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