We know that prepping meals take time and it’s tough when you have other priorities and only a couple hours of free time. This leads to calling your local take-out or getting your food delivered. However, while you’re deciding on which restaurant to eat at and ciphering through the menu, you could have made a nutritious home cooked meal in a matter of minutes. Not great in the kitchen? No worries, we have the recipes to create a great lunch or dinner without having to use the stove. 


Skip the frozen food section and leftovers in your fridge. Here are 2 breakfast recipes you can make in less than 10 minutes. 

1. Omelet in a mug

  1. What you’ll need: 
  1. Toss you ham, your spam, or breakfast sausage, eggs, and cheese into a coffee mug and mix it all up! (If you’re vegetarian salsa, eggs, and “cheese” will do”). Pop that in the microwave for 1 minute and stir it for another 30 seconds. Theres no messy clean up and has never been simpler! 

2. Peach Oatmeal Cobbler 

  1. What you’ll need: 
  1. Combine water, salt, oats, cinnamon and nutmeg in a large saucepan over medium heat. Cook this for 4 minutes until you see the oatmeal thicken. As you wait for the oatmeal to thicken dice your peaches and add brown sugar and the peaches into the saucepan. Cook this for an additional minute and enjoy this revamped oatmeal with peach flavor explosion. 


It’s been a long day, you’re at the halftime mark right now. You’re probably sitting at your desk and debating on whether you should skip lunch. Well you should! Take a lunch break and if you are in a rush, here are some portable meals you can make in less than 10 Minutes. 

1. Turkey Wrap

  1. What you’ll need: 

2. Lay your tortilla on a plate. Grab 3 slices of your lunch meat and overlap them on top of one another on to the tortilla. Next lay your cheese and squirt a bit of mayo and spread the avocado, as it will be used to combine your meats and veggies.  Evenly distribute your lettuce and tomatoes on top of the layer of cheese and roll your tortilla up. Once finished give it and slice and you have lunch! 

2. Asian Salad with a twist 

  1. If you like texture and want something flavors that pack a punch. This salad brings it all. So, what can you do to make a salad unboring? Add Ramen!! 
  1. What you’ll need: 
  1. Start by toasting your ramen noodles for 10 mins (they’ll be used like croutons). Start on your vinaigrette. Grab your avocado oil, a splash of honey, rice vinegar, and mx all of that in a bowl with the toasted sesame seed. In a separate bowl toss in the coleslaw mix and diced mangos into a bowl. Give that a quick mix and add the vignette. Finally, you’re just about ready to eat! Grab your toasted ramen and sprinkle it on to the salad to give it the final touches of crunch. 


It’s the last meal of the day. You are tired from the long day at work and hear your stomach growling “feed me”. Ready to fix that itch? Here are some meals you can make that will conquer that craving. 

BBQ Chicken Pizza 

Craving pizza? Pizza can be a meal for 2 and honestly you can put just about anything on it. In this case, we’ll make a BBQ chicken pizza. 

  1. What you’ll need: 

3. Preheat your over at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Grab your pizza dough and lay it flat on your baking sheet/pan. Spread a bit of the BBQ sauce on the pizza dough with a spoon and Mix the remaining BBQ sauce together with the chicken. Sprinkle your cheese over the sauce covered pizza and add the chicken and onions as the second layer. Bake your pizza for 10 – 15 mins and your all ready to dive in! 

2. Veggie Fried Rice 

Have some leftover rice in your fridge? Use it to make an amazing fried rice! Fried rice makes for great leftovers, so if you get too full, don’t worry. 

  1. What you’ll need 
  1. Add your leftover rice into a skillet/pan and let is sit for a couple of minutes on medium heat. Next crack 2 eggs and mix them into a bowl.  Wash your veggies and chop them into bite size pieces (if you’re using frozen veggies, give them a quick wash, they should already be bite sized).  Add your veggies into the rice pan and give them an even mix. Next, you will add the eggs into the pan to give it flavor, texture and protein. Season your fried rice with soy sauce and continue stirring for 10 minutes. Feeling hangry? Well your meal is ready to serve!!

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