Sing Tao Daily | October 12, 2020 | Reported by Wang Qingwei

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Sing Tao USA: “Many people may not have know that more than 90% of the deaths caused by the new coronary pneumonia are patients with chronic underlying diseases. That is to say: while the epidemic is still spreading, pay attention to your health. Everyone should pay attention to improving autoimmunity, reducing long-term diseases, and reducing the risk of infection .” Joe & Emmy Liu Foundation founder Joe Liu launched a free application app, called LiuLife (, to promote the prevention of chronic diseases and enhance immunity.

Liu Yanliang is a senior figure in the semiconductor industry in the Bay Area. Since the 1980s, he has participated in the exchange and development of the semiconductor industry between Taiwan and the United States, and has witnessed the rise of UMC and TSMC along the way. In recent years, he has also helped many Chinese startups in the venture capital industry, including medical-related industries.

He found that the United States spends huge sums of money on health care every year. 90% of the national health care budget are spent on treating 60% of American adults suffering from chronic diseases. In 2020, the United States spends 4 trillion on health care, of which 90%, or 3.6 trillion, is spent on patients with chronic diseases, and this number is growing at an alarming rate every year. With this in mind, Liu Yanliang established the Joe & Emmy Liu Foundation last year to attract everyone’s attention to chronic disease prevention.

Liu Yanliang said: “The COVID-19 ravages the world and has accelerated the pace of our foundation, because we see that the elderly with chronic diseases are the most vulnerable to the virus, but few people are doing the promotion of chronic disease prevention.” Studies have shown that for each chronic disease, life expectancy will be shortened by about 1.8 years. “Americans spend the most money on medical care, but the average life expectancy is far behind Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. One of the main reasons is that there are too many Many Americans suffering from chronic diseases, and the most important factor causing chronic diseases is high-risk behavior choices.”

LiuLife app is developed and designed by a team of doctors and public health experts with professional knowledge. It lists ten positive indexes and three negative indexes including physical, psychological, financial planning, social support, and medical behavior, so that everyone can do a self-check within two minutes to determine whether you are engaged in behaviors that can lead to chronic diseases, that is, score your own health. “If the score is high, you must continue to maintain these good life behaviors; if the score is low, you must always remind yourself to correct your behavior and follow the app’s recommendations,” Liu Yanliang said.

He suggested that after downloading the LiuLife app, spend two minutes answering questions every two months, and you can develop good behavior habits in about a year or two. He emphasized that the ultimate goal is to reduce the rate of Americans suffering from chronic diseases, so that more people can lead an independent, quality and dignified old age. (Reported by our reporter Wang Qingwei in Cupertino)

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Sing Tao USA:「很多人可能不知道,因新冠肺炎致死的病例,其中90%以上是原本即患有慢性基礎病的患者,也就是說:在這個疫情仍然在蔓延的時候,注重身體健康,提高自體免疫力,降低罹患長期病,減低染病風險,是每個人應該重視的事。」劉氏基金會 (Joe & Emmy Liu Foundation)創辦人劉燕良(Joe Liu)推出免費應用程式 Liu Life App (,推廣預防慢性病,增強免疫力。




Liu Life app是由醫生、公共健康專家等具專業知識的團隊研發設計,列出了包括身體、心理、財務規劃、社會支援、就醫行為等十種正向指數以及三種負面指數,讓每個人能在兩分鐘之內對自己是否從事會導致慢性病的行為做一個自我檢查,也就是為自己的健康打分數。「如果分數很高,就要繼續保持這些良好的生活行為;如果分數很低,就要時時提醒自己修正行為,按照app的建議來做」,劉燕良說。

他建議下載Liu Life app後,每兩個月花兩分鐘回答問題,大概一兩年就可以養成良好的行為習慣。他強調,最終目的就是希望降低美國人罹患長期病的比率,以後更多人能過著獨立、有品質與尊嚴的老年生活。 (本報記者王慶偉古柏蒂奴報道)

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