KTSF 26 | October 21, 2020 | Report by Wan Ruoquan

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The Joe & Emmy Liu Foundation founded by Liu Yanliang, a senior semiconductor technologist in the Bay Area, has completed the LiuLife app, the nation’s first public welfare application for chronic diseases prevention.

Maintaining good eating and exercise habits is the only way to maintain health. Everyone knows that this is a cliché, but it is very difficult to practice it. According to CDC statistics, 90% of the national health care budget is spent on treating 60% of Americans with chronic diseases.

The Joe & Emmy Liu Foundation, established by Liu Yanliang, a veteran of the Bay Area semiconductors, completed the Liu Life app, the nation’s first free public welfare application to prevent chronic diseases.

Liu Yanliang said: “The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a 32-year long study, tracking 100,000+ candidates since 1980. They found that you only need to follow five simple healthy living habits. As long as you follow these five very simple healthy lifestyle choices, you extend your lifespan for 10.7 years. This is scientifically based. Under this inspiration, we start to look at other schools, like Stanford University.”

These five lifestyle habits are healthy diet, exercise, no smoking, no alcoholism, and stress management.

LiuLife app is developed and designed by a team of doctors and public health experts with professional knowledge. In addition to the above five elements, plus ten positive indicators including physical, psychological, financial planning, social support, and medical behavior, as well as three negative index allows everyone to do a self-check to determine on whether they are engaged in behaviors that can lead to long-term illness within two minutes and score their own health.

Liu Yanliang said: “Because our app, by its definition, it is a self-test. When you go to the doctor, he will also ask you these things. You can check it yourself. Check it once a month. You don’t need to check it every day. Do it once a month and ask yourself whether you have done these 13 questions. If you fail to do it, the score will be lower.”

Although Liu Yanliang is a scientific and technological person, he has experience with medical equipment and long-term care. He said that the ultimate goal is to reduce the rate of Americans suffering from chronic diseases, so that more people can lead an independent, quality and dignified old age.

Liu Yanliang said: “The Singaporean government is already promoting the action. We have not yet. I want to say that our foundation should invest in this area to remind people across the United States that chronic diseases can be prevented.”

This app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android systems, and only needs to be tested once a month.

People interested can find out more information online at http://liulife.org

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灣區資深半導體科技人劉燕良的劉氏基金會,完成了全美首個免費預防長期病的公益應用程式Liu Life app。

保持良好的飲食及運動習慣,是維持健康的不二法門,大家都知道這是老生常談,但要實踐起來卻非常的困難,根據CDC的統計,美國人當中,60%患有慢性病    的人,花費了全國90%的健康照護預算。

灣區資深半導體人士劉燕良成立的劉氏基金會,完成了全美首個免費預防長期病的公益應用程式Liu Life app。



Liu Life app是由醫生公共健康專家等具專業知識的團隊研發設計,除了上述五項要素,再加上包括身體、心理、財務規劃、社會支援、求醫行為等十種正向指


劉燕良說:「因為我們這個應用程式,從它的定義來講,它是一個自我檢測,你去看醫生,他也會問你這些話,你就自己檢查,每個月檢查一次,不需要每天 做,每個月做一次,自己問這13個問題是否有做到,沒做到分數就比較低。」




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