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Dear Beta Testers,

Last month we asked for your help in creating the LiuLife app – a constant companion for users as they embark on their journey to better health and longer life.

We are happy to announce that LiuLife App is now available to download in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Thank you so much for participating in our beta testing. This process has been hugely productive, in part because of your enthusiastic response. We have heard a number of comments about UI changes, features you’d like to see added, and technical issues. We listened to every comment closely and have made adjustments accordingly.

We are still optimizing, testing, and adding more functions. Here are some of the features we are working on this and upcoming release:

• Adding Forgot Password/Change Password in user profile for ease of access

• Adding tooltips in the Q&A to provide additional information

• Adding more charts to help users keep track of their progress

• Adding additional in-app coaching videos

• Replacing current input style for weight/height/blood pressure

• New UI/UX for the Q&A Tracker page

• New Sign In/Sign Up page

Having said that, if you still have more requests/comments for the app, please send them our way! You can directly reply to this email or provide comments via our survey here.

Lastly and most importantly, it is our foundation’s hope that this app can benefit as many people as possible.  Please help to introduce this app to your families and friends and kindly suggest possible ways we may be able to make this more successful!


The Joe & Emmy Liu Foundation
Martha Rivera
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