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“Healthy lifestyle education and behavioral modification are crucial to our wellness and longevity,” said Ching-Pin Chang, M.D., Ph.D., who has over 20 years of experience in heart disease research and volunteers to serve as Chairman of Liu Foundation’s Medical Advisory Committee Chairman.

Evidence-based research from Harvard University has shown that following five physical lifestyle choices for life can lead to a disease-free life and help you gain extra decade of good years.

The LiuLife App – not only integrates five physical lifestyle choices proven by Harvard University, but also five more – mind/mental, financial, social support, and three more medical checkups for holistic, chronic disease prevention, and extended longevity. 

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The LiuLife App invents a Wellness Score & Longevity Range Calculator for operant behavior conditioning. Both positive and negative reinforcements are used in the App with simple scoring system: 10 points for healthy behavior, 5 points for decent behavior, 0 points for unhealthy behavior.

Awareness, Motivation, Condition & Adhere

The LiuLife Smart Lifestyle App uses evidence-based lifestyle trackers to educate, motivate, condition and adhere users. The Smart App takes merely two minutes per visit yet powerful to help you gain 10+ extra good years. 

Prepare You to Live Smarter, Live Longer

Discovered by leading public health institutions and scientists, following a healthy lifestyle can lead a person to a disease-free life with a lifespan likely passing 100 years old. LiuLife App thus integrated holistic, lifestyle choices in a Smart App to prepare you and future generations to be healthy centenarians. 

LiuLife Pillars

The scoring system combines flashcard-styled Q&A with positive and negative score reinforcement to train behavior on physical, mental, medical, social, financial, and no-bad-habits aspects of healthy lifestyle for chronic-disease-free life.


Balanced Diet

Eat fish & vegetable

Calorie Control

Portion & calorie control

Daily Exercise

Daily exercise

Quality Sleep

7 hours of quality sleep

No Bad Habits

No smoking & substance abuse

Positive Thinking

Positive mindset & resilience


Thankful & spiritual


Purposeful & meaningful

Social Support

Socially connected to family & friends

Financial Plan

Financial planning & control

Regular Checkup

Regular health checkup

Regular Blood Test

Glucose & cholesterol control

Weight Control

Weight control

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure control

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LiuLife is a leading Healthy Lifestyle App to condition holistic behavior habits to help you Live Smarter, Live Longer 

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