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U.S. Chronic Disease Rate, Care Costs & Longevity

According to the RAND Corporation’s healthcare report on Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCCs) – a chronic condition is a physical or mental health condition that lasts more than one year and causes functional restrictions or requires ongoing monitoring or treatment. It is a long-term unhealthy condition that can be considered as a disease. The United States spent $4 Trillion on health care cost, ranked #1 in the world. About 60% of the US adults or 81% of the US seniors have one or more kinds of chronic diseases that used almost ~90% of the nation’s health care budget. That means the remaining 40% of the healthy adults use merely ~10% of the health care cost. Chronic disease and multiple chronic diseases are not only costly, but they also have negatively affected our nation’s life expectancy.  The average U.S. life expectancy is ~79 years, ranked #46 among nations and ~6 years shorter lifespan than Japan, and Hong Kong.

pie chart of percentage of U.S. Adults with chronic conditions, by number of chronic conditions
Percentage of U.S. Adults with Chronic Conditions, by Number of Chronic Conditions (2014) by RAND Corporation

Chronic Diseases Breakdown

Chronic diseases exist in both physical and mental forms. One in four U.S. adults has hypertension, and one in five has high cholesterol (lipid disorders). Mental disorders – mood, and anxiety disorder collectively account for 21.6% of the chronic diseases in the U.S. 

bar graph of prevalence of top chronic conditions by RAND Corporation
Prevalence of Top Chronic Conditions by RAND Corporation

Chronic Conditions & Care Cost

The rising prevalence of chronic disease is a challenge to the public health. We spent $4 trillion on health care, of which 90% or $3.6 trillion is being spent on chronic care. The remaining 40% of the healthy population uses merely 10% of the care cost. Each chronic condition shortens your lifespan by 1.8 years, according to Rand MCC report.

colorful bar graph of chronic care cost
Prevalence and Spending by Number of Chronic Conditions (2014) by RAND Corporation

Chronic Conditions & COVID-19 mortality

According to a CDC report on March 31st, 2020, 94% of the U.S. COVID-19 mortality were patients with underlying disease or diseases. Therefore, chronic disease(s) are the leading risk factor for COVID-19 mortality.

Evidence-Based Lifestyle Choices Are Effective for Disease Prevention and Longer Healthspan

Fortunately, a Harvard School of Public Health study reveals that following 5 simple habits may prolong your life by 10 years or more. The study started by following participants starting at the age of 50. The 5 healthy habits are no smoking, no excess drinking, regular exercise, diet, and weight control. The result shows that participants were 82% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and 65% less likely to die from cancer when compared to those with the least healthy lifestyles throughout the roughly 30-year study period.

CDC's View on Chronic Disease Prevention

"Many chronic diseases are caused by key risk behaviors. By making healthy choices, you can reduce your likelihood of getting a chronic disease and improve your quality of life."

Dr. Woolf's Professional Warnings

“It would take the U.S. more than 100 years to catch up to the average life expectancy other wealthy countries reached by 2016. We’re making a huge mistake if we don’t step back and look at the root causes. The prescription for the country is we’ve got to help these adversely affected people. And if we don’t, we’re literally going to pay with our lives.’’
Dr. Woolf headshot
Steven Woolf, M.D., M.P.H
Director Emeritus, VCU Center on Society and Health

Holistic Health Approach

Holistic health is a methodology to address multiple areas of health, instead of focusing only on one specific health problem. The U.S. CDC report that everyday lifestyle choices account for 53% of key factors influencing an individual’s state of health, whereas genes only account for 18% and environment 19%. Lively Health App integrates 13 proven healthy lifestyle choices covering five holistic health pillars – physical, mental, spiritual, financial, and medical – to improve quality of life, prevent illness, and help one live a healthier and longer life.

Lively Health App Aims for Healthy Behaviors

The Harvard study inspired the Joe and Emmy Liu Foundation to devote resources for a holistic lifestyle choices education and behavior conditioning App – using Smart Cloud and App for chronic disease prevention to save lives.

Holistic Disease prevention

The Lively Health App integrates 13 evidence-based healthy lifestyle choices with awareness education, self-motivation, behavior conditioning, and long-term adherence in mind, that covers not only Harvard’s five physical healthy lifestyles, but also mental mindsets, financial plan, and social support for mood and anxiety disorder prevention, BMI and vital signs monitoring for holistic chronic disease prevention. Based on Harvard’s study, long-term adherence to a holistic healthy lifestyle choices App can earn you a disease-free life and gain extra years of longevity.

Self-Educate, Motivate, Condition & Adhere

The Lively Health App uses flashcard-based behavior trackers to educate user, with a set of cloud-based Health Score & Longevity Range Calculator to motivate and conditioning user’s lifestyle behaviors and long-term adherence. 

Operant Behavior Conditioning

Lively Health App invented the Health Score & Longevity Range Calculator using positive and negative behavior reinforcements in a simple scoring system to motivate users: positive 10 points for healthy behavior, 5 points for decent behavior, 0 points for unhealthy behavior, negative 10 points for unhealthy behavior, etc.

Centenarians Without Good Gene and Environment

Traditional thinking pushed the idea that good genes and a healthy environment were necessary to achieve a healthy longevity. However, modern telehealth has made preventive health much easier, and bringing the potential for improved health to a larger segment of the population. Using Lively Health App to form good lifestyle habits can help users achieve preventive health and longevity anyplace and anytime, thus can delaying chronic diseases and turn more people to be centenarians. The bottom-line is using the Lively Health App can help people live healthier, longer, and happier.

Lively Health 13 Lifestyle Choices

red fish on yellow plate with veggies icon

Balanced Diet

Eat fish & vegetable

purple plate with blue utensils and kcal icon

Meal Portion

Portion & calorie control

white bicycle on green background icon


Daily exercise

man meditating on blue background icon


Thankful & spiritual

head and pink circle icon


Purposeful & meaningful

light skin thumbs up icon


Positive mindset & resilience

two hands shaking on green background icon


Socially connected to family & friends

man sleeping on bed with blue background icon


7 hours of quality sleep

money sign on sun setting landscape background icon


Financial planning & control

prohibit alcohol and cigarettes icon

Bad Habits

No smoking or substance abuse

man getting checked up by a doctor icon

Regular Checkup

Regular health checkup

woman conducting lab tests icon

G&C blood tests

Glucose & Cholesterol control

person standing on the scale icon


Weight control

heart with lifeline icon

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure control

Avoiding chronic disease is a person’s lifetime commitment. Your proactive involvement and volunteering are highly appreciated.

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