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According to the RAND Corporation’s healthcare report on Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCCs) in the United States – a chronic condition is a physical or mental health condition that lasts more than one year and causes functional restrictions or requires ongoing monitoring or treatment.

The United States spent $4 Trillion on health care cost in 2020, ranked #1 in the world. About 60% of the US adults have one or more kinds of chronic diseases, collectively drained ~90% of the nation’s health care budget. The remaining 40% of the chronic-disease-free adults only consume ~10% of the health care cost.

Furthermore, each chronic disease can shorten one’s lifespan by about 1.8 years. Chronic disease and multiple chronic diseases are not only costly to treat, but they also have negatively affected our nation’s average life expectancy of ~79.11 (in 2020), and ranked # 46 among all nations. The average life expectancy in the U.S. is 6 years shorter than other leading nations like Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore’s average life expectancy of ~85 years.

Chronic Diseases & Prevention

Fortunately, many chronic diseases are caused by high-risk behavior choices and are preventable. Chronic disease prevention requires broad-based education on healthy behavior choices, self-directed behavior shaping, self-discipline, and proactive behavior practice.

A well designed mobile app can be a vital educational and behavior shaping tool to save lives, improve quality of life and extend longevity.

Chronic Conditions & Health Care Cost

Those who have more than one chronic disease, i.e. diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and mood disorders; tend to have poorer health, shorter lifespan, use more health services, and spend more on health care.

It is alarming that our nation spent 90% of our $4 Trillion health care budget on chronic and multiple chronic disease care. Furthermore, 12% of the population that had five or more chronic conditions consumed 41% of our total health care costs. Americans with five or more chronic conditions spend 14 times more on health services than people with no chronic conditions.

There are many nonprofit institutional and governmental health researches on chronic diseases prevention, conscientious living, and longevity. All researchers agree that preventing chronic conditions can save trillions of healthcare costs, improve quality of life, independence, and extend life expectancy over 100.

Chronic Conditions & Income Correlation

There is a correlation between multiple chronic conditions and income – households with annual income lower than $35K have substantially higher MCCs than those households with annual income over $100K, according to RAND Health report.

Chronic Conditions & Behavior Choices

In our society, people are easily exposed to unhealthy commercials, peer pressure, and social norms of risk behavior choices, due to lack of awareness, education, and self-discipline.

Over 50% of chronic conditions in the U.S. are hypertension and lipid disorders (high cholesterol), both of which can be attributed to poor choices, such as smoking, overuse of alcohol, poor diet, lack of exercise and stress. Chronic mood, anxiety disorder, and diabetes mellitus add up to another 30% of the chronic conditions in the U.S. The cause of chronic diseases is complicated, but all related to risk behavior choices.

Chronic Conditions & COVID-19 mortality

According to CDC preliminary research (03/31/2020), among all COVID-19 patients with complete information on underlying conditions or risk factors, 184 deaths occurred (all among patients aged ≥19 years); 173 deaths (94%) were reported among patients with at least one underlying condition.

"Many chronic diseases are caused by key risk behaviors. By making healthy choices, you can reduce your likelihood of getting a chronic disease and improve your quality of life."
“It would take the U.S. more than 100 years to catch up to the average life expectancy other wealthy countries reached by 2016. We’re making a huge mistake if we don’t step back and look at the root causes. The prescription for the country is we’ve got to help these adversely affected people. And if we don’t, we’re literally going to pay with our lives.’’
Steven Woolf, M.D., M.P.H
Director Emeritus, VCU Center on Society and Health

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), and many leading health care professionals have recommended many healthy behavior choices to prevent and manage chronic conditions and longevity.

How Can We Participate to Help?

The Joe and Emmy Liu Foundation thus decided to focus on contributing time and resources for our nation’s chronic disease prevention and improving wellness for longevity.

With a leading physician and cardiovascular Doctor, a Public Health Master, and many wellness enthusiasts collaboratively devoted to this good cause, we designed this comprehensive checkup app covering six key areas – physical, mental, and medical health, financial control, social support, and zero bad-behavior. This health choices and behavior shaping app can be done in minutes. A set of novel personal WellnessScore™ and LongevityRange™ calculators were invented with an incremental scoring system for self-directed checkups and proactive behavior conditioning to prevent chronic disease, reduce chronic care cost, achieve quality of life, and ultimate longevity.

A Novel Behavior Shaping App

Our Innovation

For maximum global impact, an easy-to-understand, flashcard-based, and self-directed health checkup Q&As and coaching app were invented. This educational and behavior shaping app employed simple operant behavior shaping techniques with both positive and negative reinforcements to reduce the likelihood of getting chronic diseases. It applied evidence-based choices identified by the nations’ leading institutions and professionals, with a set of novel incremental scoring system to proactively motivate users’ revisits and improve their overall wellness conditions and prevent chronic diseases.

Conscientious Behavior Choices

The LiuLife App integrated key evidence-based behavioral choices as self-directed health checkups to condition one’s conscientious behavior for chronic disease prevention, wellness, and longevity.


A Novel Incremental WellnessScore™ and LongevityRange™ Calculator

The Health and Longevity calculators weighted 13 key health factors: There are 10 positive reinforcement factors: balanced-diet, meal portion-control, amount of daily exercise, sleep, no bad-habits, thankful minded, socially active, meaningful and purposeful life, positive-mindset, and financial planning, as well as 3 negative reinforcement factors: lack of regular doctor checkups, out-of-range blood pressure, and BMI control. Users can finish the flashcards Q&A in minutes to get instant Health Score, and Longevity Range estimates, itemized coaching, trend charts, and social for stickiness.

Social Support
Financial Control
No Bad Habit

Chronic Disease Prevention

This app is intended for chronic-conditions-free health education and behavior choice recommendations only, it’s not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. For any medical conditions, you must rely exclusively on your professional healthcare provider with any questions or concern.

A Charity Project for Chronic Disease Prevention, Wellness & Longevity

Joe Liu, a Silicon Valley semiconductor veteran, with his wife Emmy formed a family foundation that intends to use technology to improve wellness and longevity. The LiuLife App is devoted to be a leading chronic disease prevention app, which is also aimed to reduce the runaway chronic care costs, and ultimately improve one’s wellness and longevity.


Healthy & Wealthy Centenarians

Liu Family wishes to offer LiuLife App to champion a chronic disease prevention movement – preparing our next generation to be healthy and wealthy centenarians.

LiuLife Longevity Pillars


Balanced Diet

Eat fish & vegetable

Meal Portion

Portion & calorie control


Daily exercise



Thankful & spiritual


Purposeful & meaningful


Positive mindset & resilience


Socially connected to family & friends


7 hours of quality sleep


Financial planning & control

Bad Habits

No smoking or substance abuse

Regular Checkup

Regular health checkup

G&C blood tests

Glucose & Cholesterol control


Weight control

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure control

We sincerely welcome your participation and partnership.