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A Message from the Joe Liu Foundation

Learn how to prevent chronic diseases by incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle. Watch our educational videos to gain valuable insights and knowledge on maintaining good health. 

Benefits of Watching Our Videos

  • Save time with our quick and easy short videos

  • Learn from good resources on chronic disease prevention and haleathy lifestyle changes

  • Take a fun break from stress with our engaging and informative videos

  • Boost your seld-esteem and overall well-being through lifestyle habits

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Long Educational Videos

We discuss practical tips and strategies for incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine and maintaining them long-term.

Short Fun Videos

Our short videos provide fun and engaging reminders to help you build healthy habits and inspire you to strive for an improved quality of life.

Additional Resources

The Joe Liu Foundation is here to improve your health and work performance!

Addressing topics such as physical mental social and so much more. This wellness program is here to help reduce your chronic stress and improve your quality of life. Visit our page to check it out!

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With the app, you can get the support you need to increase your self-assurance and reduce your ongoing stress while working. Visit our page to check it out!